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Open House Info

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Be part of our Story

What are the fees for Open House? $50.00 – This includes the technique book, Core shirt
and lunch on Sunday.

How do I pay? The preferred form of payment is credit card but you can pay by cash. No
checks please.

Can I pay for the open house or purchase the technique packet in advance? Yes, you can by visiting the "shop" page on our website

What should I bring? Open House fee. Money for dinner on Saturday night. Weapon (if you’re auditioning for weapon) instrument (if you don’t have one, we’ll have one for you to use the day of open house), mouthpiece, sticks, drum pad, binder, pencil, water jug, sleeping gear if you’re staying at housing. Since we’re starting later on Saturday, be sure to
eat your lunch prior to attending. There will be a dinner break but no lunch break. Sunday we will provide lunch. A sign up doc will be posted/sent via email. Be sure to fill out the form in a timely manner.

What Should I Wear? Comfortable clothing. No jeans or boots. Marching apparel only please.

Will there be auditions at Open House? There will not be auditions at Open House. Basically, YOU will be auditioning Fusion. We want you to be sure that Fusion is a fit for you, but, if you’re not feeling it at open house, come back to the next rehearsal. Sometimes it takes more than one read, just as in an audition. We never will discount you on a first

Do I have to attend both days? No, you don’t have to attend both days but in order to getthe full experience, attending both days is your best bet.

Will there be a parent’s info meeting? We will have a parent meeting on Sunday afternoon prior to our show and tell. The time will be in our email you will receive with the Open House schedule.


Will there be housing available? We will confirm that as we get closer, but at this moment, yes, there will be housing available. Location will be confirmed in the final schedule you will receive the week before open house.

Why Should I march Fusion Core? Fusion Core founders started this drum core to provide members with not only a drum corps experience, but to provide a drum corps experience within a family atmosphere. Saying “we’re like a family” can be very cliché, but Fusion Core was literally started by a group of people who were either life long friends and/or family members. During our 15 years, we’ve had several members marry their “forever friend” they met in drum core!
Life can be tough. When our members walk through our doors, we want them to feel as if they are walking into their “safe space”. A place where they can shut off the noises coming from the real world and settle in to a place where they can spend time doing what they love with people who will become like family!

Be Changed For Good

Thanks for your interest
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