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Jordan Fisch

Visual Designer

Visual Caption Head 

Jordan is back as Fusion's Visual Caption Head and Visual Designer for the 2022 season. This is Jordan’s second year with the visual team.

Jordan previously taught on the visual team for the Bushwackers (2017-2019), serving as Caption Lead
and Caption Head. His drum corps marching experience includes the Brass sections of the Crossmen (2006), the Boston Crusaders (2007), and The Cadets (2008-2010).


He currently designs for the NJ Group 2A National Champions Allentown (NJ) High School as well as several other schools surrounding the NJ area.


He graduated from West Chester University in 2012 with a Degree in Music Education and teaches middle school band in South River New Jersey. Jordan has been teaching in the marching arts since 2009 and brings a wealth of experience, energy, and creativity!

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