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A rising tide lifts all the boats

Lauren Kulich -   Education Development Coordinator 

Lauren Kulich has been with Fusion since our humble beginnings in 2007. After she took some time off to go on some very exciting adventures with her husband Justin, she came back to help in many different ways. Whether it was marching in parades, helping with

fundraisers or teaching, she was never far away.

Around the same time that Fusion was started, Lauren took on the position as the Middle School Band Director at Jefferson Township Middle School. She also served as the Assistant Director and most recently the Director of the High School Marching Band. Her passion for teaching is infectious as well as her smile. This year, Lauren has come back to work on the brass staff and take on a very special position as our Education Development Coordinator.

Core Music and the Arts, dba Fusion Core, has been revisiting its educational mission to better serve the marching arts Community. If you're a Band Director, Marching Arts Program Director, Designer, Educator, or Administrator, we want to hear from YOU. We understand that with each program comes a separate set of goals and challenges and a variety of missions and fundamentals. We hope to support these initiatives and in turn are hoping that you can help support our mission.

Our goal is to create a mutually beneficial relationship with programs throughout the Marching Arts community through the following:

  • Director Roundtables: We will provide venues for and help facilitate round table conversations around successes, innovative ideas, and possible solutions to current challenges.

  • Professional Development: We have a high-quality educational staff with experience teaching Marching Band, Winter Guard, and Indoor Percussion. We want to learn more about YOUR programs and how we can best help you reach YOUR goals and have you share with us the things that have helped you.

  • CollaborationA rising tide lifts all the boats. Every program has strengths worth sharing that may help another group with recruitment, retention, design, budgeting, fundraising, fostering parent engagement, etc.  By creating a network of educators and Program Directors, we can help each other reach our goals.

During Covid, Fusion Core Director Holly Marino was able to meet via Zoom, with her fellow Directors to discuss how to move forward once the world reopened. Through this collaboration, we were able to get back on the field in a safe, responsible manner. Even though it seems that things are back to normal, the marching arts community is still experiencing some challenges, specifically in recruitment and budgeting. We are hopeful that connecting and collaborating with our fellow directors, designers and educators, we can build a stronger, healthier overall environment for our students and the future of the marching arts activity overall. 

Keep an eye out for details about our first "Meet and Greet". If you're interested in sitting in on one of these roundtable discussions, which includes being a guest speaker, please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you.

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