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Love, Intensity, Determination, Heart and Passion

I’m David “Jerry” Weintraub. Fusion Core’s 2020 Horn Sergeant, a fifth-year marching member, a first-year music student, but more than anything—a performer.

Being a performer isn’t something you do every once in a while, whenever a school concert comes around or a marching band show is scheduled. Being a performer isn’t putting on a uniform and stepping on a field, or putting on concert blacks and playing for a crowd. You perform in those settings, but being a performer isn’t something you do—it’s something you are.

To perform, you have to have the basics down. Being successful at any craft in life requires an unequivocal understanding of its fundamentals; strong brass fundamental technique is the basis for everything I play, certainly. But performing isn’t about what you can do, it’s about why you’re doing it.

Performance is a window to the soul—and while that may sound cliché, I believe that with unwavering conviction. I don’t perform for adulation, or for praise, and God knows it’s not for the money. I perform because I never feel more full, more vibrant, more alive or more me, than when I speak through my instrument and share what’s in my heart with an audience.

In the world of performing arts, people talk a lot about what is and isn’t possible.

“That looks so cool, but I could never do that in a million years.”

“They’re awesome, but I’m not good enough to audition there.”

“I’d love to perform, but I’m not talented enough to do it for a living.”

Being a performer means there is no “but”. No rationalizations. No excuses.

It means every day when you wake up, every moment you sit down with your craft, every second you have to spare, making the choice to want it.

Not because you have an obligation to anyone, but because being a performer means not giving anything less than 100%, every single time. Because time poorly spent means time not getting better, time not doing everything in your power to perfect your craft. Because giving 50% means giving up, and your heart can’t stand the idea of giving up.

Being a performer means day in and day out, every moment you have, chasing your dream.

Chasing it, catching it, conquering it.

Relentlessly, with Love, Intensity, Determination, Heart and Passion


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