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Drum Core - Celebrating LIFE

As Fusion Core prepares for our 16th season, we reflect upon the meaning of why this activity is so important. While the Drum Corps activity has evolved over the years, the reason why many of us do this has not changed.

Drum and Bugle Corps are descendants from military units that were started by soldiers who were returning from World War I. Believe it or not, the sound from the drums and bugles were used to signal units that something was about to go down. With the invention of electric communication tools, there was no longer a great need for drums and bugles, and sadly, many of these units disbanded. The equipment was sold to veteran organizations such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion, two major organizers and supporters of drum corps. These organizations formed drum and bugle corps. What a great way for veterans to reunite and spend time together when returning home. There have been studies that show how important it is for military personnel to have a support community to come home to. These organized drum corps gave them a place to be with like minded people enjoying their time together doing something fun and sharing stories aka a support community.

After some time, civilians were able to take part which helped these groups grow in numbers. Eventually, they even allowed woman to join!! They performed in community events, parades and local celebrations. Over time, rivalries between the corps emerged and the competitive drum and bugle corps circuit was born. While the goal was to dominate their rivalries, some of the greatest relationships were formed and not just within your own group. So while the competition is the driving force behind what we do ON the field, the main reason we STAY is because of the friendships that grow while we're OFF the field. For some of us, these memories and friendships we make along the way will stay with us forever, partly because we find and marry our "forever" friend. The need for a community support system is real. Getting back out there, doing what we love is not just a celebration of the music and the arts, it's a celebration of LIFE.

Have you found where you want to Celebrate?


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