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Fusion Core Administration is growing!

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Fusion Core is pleased to announce a full administration entering into our 16th year

As we come off one of our most challenging seasons; members, staff and administration from the past and present decided to come together and help strengthen the foundation for our future.

The Core’s executive Administration is still intact. Holly Marino will continue as the Executive Director and will work alongside long time Admin Members Gretchen Endres and Ralph Marino. It is important to the Executive Team that the Core continues to keep true to it’s values and vision that the Core was built upon.

Joining the Administration as the Operations Management team will be Nicholas Caljean, Jacobo Medina and Nick Carlson. Nick Caljean was one of Fusion Core’s original marching members who joined the brass staff for a season. Nick attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy NY. After graduating, he started a job as an engineer.

Jacobo Medina joined the Core in 2008 as a tuba player. A few seasons later, he decided to trade in his heavy horn for a much lighter instrument much to the dismay of some BUT he killed it on trumpet. In 2021, Jacobo led his fellow brass members as the Brass Captain and is excited to return in a role within the administration.

Nick Carlson came into the marching activity later in life after pursuing a degree in engineering at NJIT. In addition to marching at Fusion Core, Nick marched in Bayonne Bridgemen, Tri Valley Brass and Highland Regiment where he also served as an Administrator.

Another marching member that is joining the team as Administrative Assistant is Arden Harper . Arden marched mellophone in 2015 and 2016 and always came back to help with parades when needed. In 2020 for our “Farther Apart Stronger than Ever” season, Arden came in to play mellophone and in 2021 she joined the brass staff and ended up helping by marching a spot. Arden used her organizational skills to help keep the staff and members organized. The role of Administrative Assistant is perfect for Arden.

The last but not least important addition to the Administration team as Business Manager is David Sedlak. David was a member of the brass Staff in 2012 and 2013. Sadly, David’s beloved wife Sarah lost her battle with cancer just a few short months ago. He spent many years caring for her and now finds himself having a lot of extra time and wants to use it doing something meaningful, just as he did with Sarah.

Sarah spent her time participating in years of trials trying to help find a cure for pancreatic cancer. After Sarah passed, she donated her body to science so she could continue to help find a cure. We are blessed to have David and hope that we can help fill that void in his life. To learn more about pancreatic cancer and how you can help, please visit

This is a great team and we’re so excited to roll up our sleeves and get working.

There are great things happening with Fusion. We thank all our friends, family and supporters who have helped and supported us along the way. We are committed to continue to entertain our audiences and provide fun, challenging and entertaining shows for our members to march and our staff to teach.

We look forward to SEEING you this summer.


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