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Fusion vamps up the driving force of the Core

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Introducing Fusion Core’s 2020 Percussion Team.

As Fusion heads into our 14th season, we are excited to foster the growth of the organization by adding some very talented people to the section that drives the Core.

Led by Percussion Caption Heads Jame Szeinberg and Dave Dumont, FCP is gearing up for an amazing summer.

Interested in seeing what these guys/gals are all about? Sign up for our open house by filling out an interest form found on the front page of the website.

FCP Staff 2020

Jamie Szeinberg – Percussion Co-Caption Head

Dave Dumont - Percussion Co-Caption Head

Julia Wehrer – Assistant Caption Head

Connor Horwath – Battery Coordinator

AJ Frierson-Jones – Snares

Oliver Cuautli – Quads

Amy Hawley – Cymbals

Mike Sasson – Cymbals

Danny Porrelli – Bass

Michael Monacelli – Front Ensemble

David Paradis – Front Ensemble

Breanna Vanak – Front Ensemble


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