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Get Ready to Smile

Fusion Core has been working alongside our fellow DCA Directors and the DCA Administration for over a year to ensure the Drum Corps activity continues despite our shut down in 2020.

This Saturday night at our home base in Jefferson Township, NJ, we will debut our 2021 Production, simply titled "Smile". We've all spent quite a bit of time away from loved ones and from doing the things we love to do, and now, as we sit and watch things slowly settle in to some kind of normalcy, we've been doing a lot of SMILING.

Our show may not be the typical drum corps show you may be used to, but it IS a familiar Drum "Core" style show, set up to simply entertain and get you to SMILE.

All the competitions can be viewed throughout the season starting this Sunday night, July 18th via streaming. Visit our home page and click the "buy tickets" link to subscribe for a full season of drum corps shows for just $49.99 for a FULL season of performances.

We hope that we make you SMILE!!


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