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New Year, New Memories

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

It's been a bit of time since we've reached out. Every year, we start with good intentions. Not just in drum corps, but in our personal lives. We "commit" to taking more time to connect with our friends and family. Then, life gets in

the way. We pick up extra shifts at work, we join a gym or an online community, we take on a new hobby or, this is the probably the biggest culprit, we binge watch Netflix shows.

Well, there's always time to change what/how we do things. We're only in Day Four of the New Year. Cheers to sticking to our mindful intentions. Speaking of intentions, for those of you who have a hobby, what do you REALLY love about your hobby? The hobby itself, how the hobby makes you feel, the people you enjoy your hobby with or the time alone you get to experience by doing your hobby? Perhaps it's all of the above. So, specific to our drum corps friends, we ask "why do you march drum corps"?

Scores are subjective, but an organization's philosophies and values are not.

Did you know that even the most winning corps had years (some had MANY years) in which they weren't winning? They had people who led the way. The people who stuck it out through the wins and losses. The people who built these winning machines through years of hard work, dedication and commitment. It takes a strong backbone, a commitment to excellence and PATIENCE to build an empire, but with the right people, anything is possible. When I think of Fusion Core and it's purpose, I feel confident that we have been true to our vision. Our goal was to share the activity that gives back so much and not just trophies, flags and medals. The things like life experiences, the fortitude to push forward even in our darkest hours and in some cases, our "Forever Friends".

Many of Fusion Core's members start here with no marching arts experience and after a few years marching here, they go on to march, teach, administer at some of the top organizations within the marching arts community? Some come home and pay it forward and some move on. We'd much rather keep you here, but if we are the platform to your success, than we are proud to have been part of your journey!

We can't guarantee a score but we CAN provide you with an outstanding drum core experience and, when all is said and done, it's the training, the memories, the way something made you feel and the experience that you will take with you forever.

This weekend at Jefferson Township High School, you can make your first memory with Fusion Core. Let us be your FOREVER memory.

Saturday 01.07 and Sunday 01.08

Fill out an interest form on our website so you can receive our regular season schedule and updates.

Happiest of New Year to you all.

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