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Ringside Update: May 5th, 2023

Tune into our recent edition of Ringside Update to get this week's stats for Fusion Core!

In this update we are proud to introduce Shennen Maceo as a show design consultant for our 2023 program: Rise UP!

Well known, World Title holder, Shennen Maceo, joins Fusion Core's team as a consultant for their 2023 production Rise Up. Rise Up will take our audience into the life of a champion, with all the heartache, sacrifices, and passion it takes to make it to the top, fall and RISE back up!

Shennen Maceo has trained in martial arts for over 20 years starting his career with Tiger Schulmann and has participated in the World Combat League which was run by Chuck Norris.

He cuurently holds an amateur boxing championship title, International Thai Boxing championship and has a USKBA (United States kickboxing association) World Title belt. Shennen also owned and operated his own studio for over 12 years, where he had taught all ages from 4 to 76!

It is very important to Fusion's design team to bring to life our characters in the most authentic way.

We are so fortunate to have Shennen as part of the team and can't wait for him to work with the membership and really bring our 2023 production to life!

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