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Out with the old/In with the New

Today we posted our signature uniforms for sale. It seems as if it's the end of an era, but it's really just a new beginning. 2019 will mark our 13th season.

When we started in 2007, we had just a little over 55 members, the minimum number needed to compete within Class A within DCA. We started with a very simple uniform. White button down shirts with a purple paisley vest. It was affordable and comfortable. In 2010, we finally were able to purchase new uniforms. We loved those uniforms and our members wore them with pride.

As the activity evolved and the Core grew, we decided to update our look and go with a uniform that would give our members more flexibility and that were light weight which would be more conducive with an outdoor summer activity. Changing the uniform was met with mixed emotions, but we all knew that as in everything in life, change is inevitable. In the end, the members loved the comfort and our new look and we bid farewell with fond memories to our old uniforms.

We hope that some band will snatch them up and wear them with as much pride as we did.


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