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Remember when you were a kid and life was an adventure? Remember learning how to ride a bike? Studies proved that wearing a helmet helped save lives. Too many people were getting critically injured or dying from falling off their bicycles and hitting their heads. I didn't have to wear one when I was a kid but if it was going to keep my children safe, I wasn't going to question it.

Speaking of kids. We also make sure our kids go for their monthly checkups right from the time they are born. About one month in, they will start to get immunizations that protect them from illnesses such as polio, mumps, diphtheria, Hep A & B, just to name a few. No questions asked. Even though they scream and cry (and we cry watching them cry), we bring them back for their next appointment to get the next series of shots.

Now, here we are in a day that studies show, if you wear a mask while there is a virus raging it's way through our every day lives, you can avoid getting sick or spreading the illness if you are sick. Why would we question it? We've been raised knowing that science and studies have been keeping us safe for years! Well, things have changed a bit over the years and we question everything. There is some good in asking questions, but sometimes, you just have to trust.

If there is a .0001% chance that wearing a mask would keep you and your loved ones safe, wouldn't you take that chance? Please keep your family and ours safe and wear a mask. You can buy a pretty Fusion Core mask on our home page. Not only would you be keeping yourself and your loved ones safe, but you'd also be helping to keep the marching arts alive!!


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