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"Too Good to be True"?

Updated: May 16, 2020

The days leading to open house are often stressful but for some reason, this year, things fell into place nicely which was a little unnerving. You know the saying............was it all "too good to be true"? Not this time..............what a great day it was.

The new staff looked good on paper, but they looked even better in action. As we went from room to room, we observed the members receiving quality instruction and the staff seemed comfortable and at home.

As we headed down the hallways into ensemble, members were sharing positive feedback and it seemed as if everyone was feeling the excitement.

Every section had a moment to shine. Typically, we do show and tell at the end of a two day event. This year we scheduled all of the festivities into one day, so we were so impressed as we sat and watched what they had accomplished in just a few hours. Not only was it a great day getting to know the staff and the members but the majority of the parents who attended the parent meeting stayed to help for the day. That was such a treat!

We are so excited to get this season started. If you missed the open house, no worries. You can come to the December 14th and 15th camp at the Jefferson Township Middle School and check it out. Just go to our schedule page for all the specifics.


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