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No such thing as luck

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

If you listen hard enough, you can hear the heart beats of thousands of young men and women as they get ready to embark on another trip to Dayton Ohio for the WGI Championships. They will put out every ounce of passion and energy into their final performances of their 2019 productions.

It will be a weekend full of not only great talent but also plenty of emotion. Excitement and Anxiety. Happiness and Sadness. Ups and Downs, but there won't be luck. There is no such thing as luck. Only skill!!

So, we'd like to wish Good Skill to all our guard and percussion friends/families as they head to Dayton. Prayers for safe travels. We'll be rooting for all of you. Special shout out to Q, Fusion World, AMP and FLIP.

"Show the world your true power, Show the world who you truly are, go there and stand out just like shooting stars"author unknown


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